Key Benefits

  • Find Clarity

    Find clarity on what is holding you back from taking full ownership of your life

  • Switch on superhuman focus

    Learn how to move from living on autopilot to conscious awareness, and don't let the attention economy drive you

  • Become Indistractable

    Take back control and don't let social media, work, emails and requests take you away from what matters to you

  • Manage Stress

    Learn how to move your attention away from worries, rumination and navigate stress with more ease

  • Increase Greater Overall Wellbeing

    Access a greater inner quiet and peace, more joy and contentment

  • Successful Habit Building

    Learn tips & tricks how to build habits successfully so you can succeed at what is important to you

Are you ready to take ownership of your life?

Do you constantly feel pulled in a thousand different directions? Maybe your to-do list is getting bigger every day. And potentially your own habits - like getting easily distracted, procrastination, or spending too much time on your phone - are holding you back from what's most important to you and where you want to go. If some of this sounds familiar, do remember you're not alone in this: all of us humans are dealing with a colossal amount of information overload and disruptions that are screaming for attention. But the good news is, we can reprogram our mind and retake ownership of our life!

Some of the frameworks we use

An overview of the key practices and resources in this course

  • NEUROSCIENCE BACKED PRACTICES: Learn proven neuroscience backed practices to train your mind and attention

  • MICRO PRACTICES: Learn powerful Micropractices that you can integrate in your life instantly

  • FREEFLOW JOURNALING: Learn the powerful "Stream of Consciousness" journaling technique to support you in this journey

  • BONUS PRACTICES: Receive 2 bonus practices to go even deeper and really take ownership of your life

  • 28 DAY INTEGRATION CHALLENGE: Step into the 28 Day Challenge to make all the learnings become real in your life

  • RESOURCES & DOWNLOADS: Get access to a library of all course resources and downloads in support of your journey

Course curriculum

  1. 2
    • The challenges you face

    • A starting reflection

  2. 3
    • From autopilot to aware

    • Stream of consciousness journalling

    • Explore autopilot in your life

  3. 4
    • Training and reclaiming your attention

    • Focussed attention practice

    • Guided practice: Training your focussed attention

    • Micropractices - Part 1

    • Micropractices - Part 2

    • Micropractices - Part 3

    • Bonus practice - Wim Hof Breathing Technique

    • Bonus Practice - Expanded Awareness

    • Guided practice: Expanded Awareness

  4. 5
    • The neuroscience behind attention training

    • Studies on the effect of attention training

  5. 6
    • The Integration Process

    • Summarizing the Dedicated & Micro Practices

    • Starting And Closing Your Day With Journaling

    • Morning Journaling Reflections

    • Evening Journaling Reflections

    • Bringing It All Together - How To Practice

    • The TrueYou 28-Day Master Your Mind Challenge

    • The power of habits

    • Exercise To Start Building Habits

  6. 7
    • Key lessons

    • A closing reflection

    • Thank you!

    • Overview Of All Course Downloads And Sheets

Self Paced, Available on all devices

Master Your Mind is a self paced course featuring immersive video trainings, transformational practices, proven frameworks and a 28 Day challenge following to program to help integrate all the learnings. You’ll take a profound deep dive into your inner world, gain deeper understanding of how you spend your time and energy, and learn about different dimensions of your life that impact your ability to focus and control your attention.

Meet Your Trainer

John Puts - Speaker, Facilitator and Purpose Coach

Speaker, Facilitator & Purpose Coach

John Puts

Amsterdam born and Berlin based, John is the founder and lead facilitator of TrueYou. He's also a certified facilitator of the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, a certified Integral Coach and an accredited Enneagram practitioner. He also brings his prior experience as an entrepreneur and time at Google. He accompanies high performing individuals, entrepreneurs & leaders in transformative programs to enable an authentic, extraordinary and purposeful way of living & working.

Trainer Credentials

Founder & Lead Facilitator and Trainer

Certified Facilitator
Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute

Certified Integral Coach
New Ventures West

Accredited Enneagram Practitioner

Founder, Facilitator & Coach
JP Transformation Coaching & Leadership Facilitation

Become Laser Focussed on What Matters

So what is the key to firstly survive but then especially thrive in a world that feels like it almost has no space and time to even breathe? We believe that the answer is rooted in the most important foundation that we can strengthen: understanding and then reclaiming our attention and awareness, by training it to become focussed, pristine and undistractable. Harnessing the power of the latest cutting-edge neuroscience and behavioural change to take back the reins of your inner world and programming. Step into your zone of genius and get clear on what truly fulfils you, so you can do your best work and create the conditions for a fulfilling life.

There is something in every one of you that waits and listens for the sound of the genuine in yourself. It is the only true guide you will ever have. And if you cannot hear it, you will all of your life spend your days on the ends of strings that somebody else pulls

~ Howard Thurman

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