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A Purpose Driven
Life & Career

A Free Live Workshop on how to move from feeling stuck and lost in your career to finding fulfilling work

Monday, September 12th, 2022 at 5 PM CEST

Join us for this live workshop where we will explore

  1. Why knowing yourself in depth is crucial before you can truly find fulfilling work.

  2. How to finally understand how your talents, passions & values can contribute to your work so you can fully blossom

  3. How to overcome the self sabotage and limiting beliefs that often hold people back.

  4. How to unlock the body's wisdom to make decisions with clarity

  5. Why most books and programs on finding purpose don't work

  6. How you can go deeper in your journey to find fulfilling work

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Presented by John Puts, Founder & Lead Facilitator at TrueYou.

If you want to live a life and career of purpose, build good habits and achieve your goals, there are two vital skills that are more important than anything else: Self-Awareness and Self-Leadership.

These skills are not about self-punishment, they about deeply knowing and honouring your self. They're not about being inflexible, but about aspiring to be the most true version of you. They enable the superpowers of focus and awareness in a world of distractions — allowing you to overcome procrastination, excuses, bad habits, low motivation, failures, and self-doubt. With it, you can stay on track with your values and goals even through the times when you are least inspired.

Register to attend the LIVE 1-hour Masterclass and we will send you the recording afterward.

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